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The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club consists of an adventurous team that regularly explore the Graskop area for various reasons and who are constantly creating new ways to ensure that guests experience the best of what the area has to offer. Sign up and explore with us to witness breathtaking views of the Blyde River Canyon and Drakensberg Escarpment with an abundance of hiking, tubing, snorkelling, and tubing opportunities on every excursion. EXPLORE this stunning area with us is to secure a truly unforgettable time. We know that nobody comes to Graskop just to sit in a chalet but rather come here to experience this beautiful area – hands on. But we also know that the cost of accommodation usually prevents them from enjoying it all. If you are adventurous and serious about exploring the natural wonders of Graskop with us, you are welcome to stay at our Clubhouse – FREE OF CHARGE!

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We have a Clubhouse that accommodates guests all the time. If you come to Graskop to explore with us, you are more than welcome to stay at our Clubhouse and save all your accommodation costs -it’s your choice! We never charge Explorers for the accommodation at the Clubhouse. Any charges are related to fees and expenses to make your excursions with us possible, and never for staying at the Clubhouse. If your group is large enough you will have the ENTIRE Clubhouse to yourself! The Clubhouse is our primary get-together venue and has several guestrooms that offer comfortable, safe and proper accommodation although conventional compared to commercial establishments. The Clubhouse is not a hotel, a commercial guesthouse, a lodge, or a holiday resort – we are explorers and we focus on exploring nature rather than trying to impress guests with our accommodation. But the place is proper, neat and clean, properly equipped, well furnished and we work really hard to provide a proper stay.

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Visiting us means free accommodation and a lot of exploring activities with your hosts. We continuously embark on daily excursions to breathtaking locations. We visit the remarkable sights of the Blyde River Canyon and Drakensberg Escarpment. We go on hiking trails unknown to the general public, swim in crystal clear mountain streams, play on tubes at the foot of majestic waterfalls and snorkel to explore the wonders of our beautiful mountain rock pools. We do not charge you for any specific activity but offer all of them to our visiting guests – it’s your choice to participate in any or all of them. We explore from 10:00 on the day of your arrival to 17:00 on the day of your departure and if you are not able to do all of them we always review your itinerary and still fit in as much fun as possible within your available time. Among other exploring with us includes:



Where rivers meet with waterfalls and majestic mountains appear through the mist, nature comes alive in the fairytale land of true wonders. This is Eden, the land of the great BLYDE RIVER CANYON situated at the magnificent Drakensberg escarpment of Mpumalanga. It is the 3rd largest canyon on earth (second only to the Grand Canyon and Namibia’s Fish River Canyon), but the greenest and most alive of them all. The panoramic area of the Blyde River Canyon offers exquisite settings and hosts the rich history of indigenous ethnic communities that settled here during the 19th century. By exploring the PANORAMA ROUTE we follow the trails of ancient Chiefs and uncover the splendour of their kingdoms.


This is a full day exploring excursion on the Panorama Route that comprise a short 3km hike from the upper pools at the top of a massive waterfall to the caves below and the bottom pools of the falls. The area offers an adventure never to forget. The hike takes you to spectacular viewpoints, concealed caves behind a waterfall, hidden potholes, crystal clear rock pools, a fairy forest, and the bottom pools of the falls.
This excursion allows for extraordinary Hiking, Swimming, Tubing and Snorkelling – and the views on the hike are spectacular. Opportunities to explore are in abundance. It never disappoints!


In South Africa, the enormous plains of the Highveld come to an unexpected end at the immense Drakensberg Escarpment. Rivers turn into waterfalls and plunge over its rim and into the misty forests of the 3rd largest canyon on earth – The Blyde River Canyon. FANN FALLS is located on private land in the upper parts of this immense Canyon and is accessible by hiking there only. The starting point of the hike is about 20km from Graskop from where the hike follows the river on a 4 km trail that passes through stunning rock formations and wildlife on your way to the bottom of the falls. Fann Falls is characterised by enormous rock boulders towering from its rock-plated pools and crystal clear water which allows for excellent swimming, tubing and snorkelling. The place is an explorer’s paradise!


Join us on a 1 or 2-day Snorkelling Excursion and discover a world submerged in crystal clear river potholes and waterfall pools hidden on the immense Drakensberg Escarpment. We explore no less than 6 breath-taking snorkelling sites at different locations – in several river gorges, on the Panorama Route and even high up inside the magnificent Blyde River Canyon. Along the route, we snorkel the pools of magnificent waterfalls, hike down spectacular river gorges, and visit deserted falls in the upper parts of the Canyon. The tour itinerary is easily adaptable to fit our guests’ available time and fitness levels. For our inexperienced guests, a short practical introduction to basic snorkelling techniques precedes every tour.

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